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Jumat, 06 April 2012

If Indonesian students Learning Parsian... T_T

My Friends Ask me, "How about your Parsian?" (He give me a link to study parsian Online about a month ago). I cant give him a good answer because i m learning...nothing.

N then I m affraid if he gimme a test about it. I m still dont know everyhing about parsian. T___T . I m really crazy lazy students... I m sorry, i need a lot of thing to study n do everything all the day. i forget to learning Parsian even i bookmark this link. Ok... lets learning again....

Actually, I m Learning Germany n japanese in the high school. N now, everypeople know My english poor, my arabic nothing, zero parsian, japanese weak, and fool germany. How stupid i m. i know that i m full miracle n also full of blessing  if i still alive in this era. Thx God...
(Just saying mode on)

Here the link to Study Parsian. If u wanna to study parsian, u can click a first link bellow Kitab Awal in the right side link to listening First session of Parsian. Enjoy, lets Learning together...

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