Senin, 28 Januari 2013

Yup! I am a Gemini.

Actually, i dont trust astrology anymore since graduated from elementary school. But, sometimes, everything they said is totally correct! When i ask my self, "Who are you?" i can find my self in astrology account. @Gemini_Gang on twitter describe my self so well. I am impress!!

So, if i ask my self and realise, "Why i am so weird, strange, idealistic, clever but sometimes feel i am a foolish girl in the world, i am confidence but in the same time unconfidence, talk-active, drama queen etc etc" because i am Gemini and I am proud to be Gemini girl.

@Gemini_Gang describe me. And all is true!!

#Gemini don't like to lead and they certainly don't like to follow either, they like doing their own thing
(Yup, i am bad as leader. Whathever people say about me. I can't be leader even i like this position. But i feel so bad if i must follow people who not good at all in the group. I can't stop complaining and just reject command. Just because i dont like to follow people as follower, it doesn't mean i am happy replace the leader as leader. ohooo~~~) 

It takes a lot for a #Gemini to get angry, but when they are angry they cannot control their words or actions, the other twin takes over
(Yup, dont makes me angry, i cant hurt you with my swords-sayin')

#Gemini like to be alone with their thoughts, great minds think alone
(It's good for me as phylosophy student right?)

#Gemini can be very childish and stubborn like children when they are hurt or upset
(Just true, i can do that even i am an independent girl)

#Gemini don't find "dumb" cute at all, infact, they are attracted to intelligence
(Why people choose to be dumb? I like  intelegent thing at all. For music lyrics, movie, book, etc)

#Gemini typically believe in karma
(uhm, i hope u can control your self, because if i cant do, God will do it for u. Right of universe.)

#Gemini love to travel and meet new people, they are fascinated by people whos backgrounds are different from their own
(Thats why i have networking around the world and join many many activity, international and national event)

#Gemini are gifted with words, they can write a story, poem, song, speech, screenplay, scenario or a winning argument effortlessly
(I love this point! Dont try to argue with me)

When a #Gemini woman loves you, that most certainly does not mean she trusts you, she is capable of love without trust
(Actually, I am not quite stupid. If i want, I can open your email, Facebook inbox, Twitter DM, but i just see how long u lie to me and think i dont know about it)

#Gemini may act like they get over things quickly and like nothing effects them emotionally, but in reality, they often just keep it all in
(Any people guess my feeling?)

#Gemini are kind and friendly but dont think for a second that they will let you use them or be a push-over they are too smart for that
(Dont try it please, I can kick u if u try to push-over me. For real)

#Gemini enjoy being independent from an early age and they will not give up their independence for anyone
(Let people know this point and noted that)

The open minded and clever #Gemini know something about everything, you can talk to them about anything
(And please ask me everything also, but dont ask me about my privacy, i'll tell u when i think its worth enough to tell u)

#Gemini spend their life seeking knowledge, experience, spirituality and the truth. And through these things they hope to find themselves
(Just right, thats why i love philosophy)

#Gemini will give you the unfiltered truth, don't ask if you don't want to know
(But If its secret thing, Dont ask me or i'll give u wrong answer)

#Gemini represent the eternal struggle between logic and emotion, between head and heart
(Always try to combine it perfectly)

#Gemini like doing the impossible, they don't stop until they get what they want
(I am multitasking and someday i think i am very multitalented ~ohooo u dont know i can do anything by my self. But if i can't do it, i know people who can do what i want)

#Gemini have the best conversations with themselves
(I have virtual bestfriend, i just talk with her)

If you're lying about something or hiding a feeling, a #Gemini will know, they are very observant and analytical
(So, Don't talk bullshit)

#Gemini will most likely not allow people to see them hurt, even those closest to them
(I can't say, "huhuhu, i am so weak." I just say, "I am okay" with people who care or hurt me. I don't like people know how deep my heart failing from hard situation. I'll keep it in my heart and mind. And okay to look okay. Ahahaha)

keep in mind that a #Gemini often flirt even when they are not interested in the person, they flirt for fun
(Because flirt is realy really fun. Makes people in love with me is fun. But it doesn't mean i am playing with your heart. I just wanna show u, how great to be romantic, how great to have people who care with u like a lovely-girlfriend. I dont like commitment -except marriage- anyway)

Gemini Poem

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